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They May Have Discovered The Seemingly- Lost Treasure Of One- Eyed Willy, Foiled The Advances Of The Dangerous Fratelli Family, And Rescued Their Beloved Neighborhood From Demolition... But A Danger Far Greater Lies Before The Goonies, (And Their Fans!).Please Read On...

The Goonies was released in 1985, a time which we all know was less than kind to even the most prolific of composers-and Jazz Legend/Composer Dave Grusin Was No Exception.

For Going On Twenty- Two Years, we fans of The Goonies (and of film score music in general) have been crying out for a legitimate representation of Grusin's fine orchestral score, as heard in our favorite coming-of-age epic... yet it would seem our pleas have gone unheard.In its place, we were offered a luckluster pop soundtrack. Goonies Poster But wait... due to the sudden flood of telephone calls and emails initiated by myself, my partner Karim, and a horde of Grusin- loving Goonies fans, the expert preservationists of film score music at Varese Sarabande have recently expressed an interest in releasing this title, if they are able to negotiate a release with the rights holders, and secure a profit. This is where our petition comes in.

By signing the petition for Varese Sarabande to release Grusin's complete score to The Goonies, you are helping a gorgeous, criminally- neglected score find it's way into the eager hands of (we) Goonies everywhere. While sealed away in a studio vault, the cruelty of time will only continue to slowly destroy the score source tapes forever, eventually robbing us of owning the rich, beautiful score as it was meant to be enjoyed.

If we make ourselves heard , the majestic mix of nostalgic, reflective tracks, (Willy's Theme),knock- your- socks- off action cues,(The Fratelli Chase)delicate, and love motifs,(Brand/Andy's Love Theme) would be heard for the first time in all their orchestral splendor.

Film scores of decades past have become, in as sense, a dying art. Don't allow the best example of the 1980s score to fade away to obscurity.

Take The Oath.

Sign The Petition.

Many Thanks, Chris.