Grusin's Reply! (06/30/07)

Dear Chris,

Thanks for your flattering note thru Sam Schwarz about the Goonies score. It’s been a number of years, and I’ve not heard it in a long time. My daughter was a huge fan of the film when she was a kid (she’s now 30, and about to be married!!!)

I don’t know the paths to investigate the release of a soundtrack album; sounds like you’ve investigated all the bases. I don’t own any copyright to most of my scores, nor any percent of publishing. So, in spite of trying to change that over the years, here we are with our hands tied. Varese is the most likely prospect, and I appreciate your efforts to get this score released.

Many thanks, and best wishes.

Dave Grusin

Robert Towson's Reply! (12/15/07)

Dear Chris,

Let me begin by telling you how much I appreciate your enthusiasm for the music of Dave Grusin. He’s certainly one of my favorite composers as well! That said, despite all the work you have put into your petition and all the signatures you have collected, I really needed no convincing.

I have to say that I was sorry to hear that someone falsely signed my name to your petition in order to raise your hopes and expectations. Both of the postings you notified us of were simply lies. The Goonies is a complicated proposition. The complication comes from the fact that there was a soundtrack album released concurrently with the film. It is ironic that, had there been no soundtrack at all released previously, I probably would have released this score long ago. But because of the other album, the whole situation becomes much more convoluted.

I can’t really go into the details of this. I suppose the most honest thing I can tell you is that you should not lose hope but, at the same time … don’t hold you breath, either. Like with all scores, I will certainly do everything in my power to see that The Goonies gets its day … somehow … one day. But you should not be waiting with anticipation of this before every Club announcement. That will only lead to more disappointment.

Let me close by wishing you a very happy holiday season. Again, Chris, thank you for all of your interest and enthusiasm.

Sincerely yours,

Robert Townson

Varèse Sarabande Records

Lukas Kendall, Film Score Monthly from Ain't It Cool News

The Goonies would be a big production involving major relationships with Sony, Warners and Amblin and it's not to say it can't be done, but sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day. Or dollars in the wallet.

You can contact Varese Sarabande at :
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or The Gorfaine/Schwartz Agency, Inc at :
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Greetings, Hard- Working People Of Varese Sarabande,

My name is Chris Curts, and I wanted to simultaneously thank you for your dedication toward preserving classic film score music through the Soundtrack Club, and suggest to you a release very deserving of your time and skill.

As I've seen across the internet sound track appreciation boards, and absurdly- high Ebay bids for bootlegs of this score, there is a demand perhaps as great as any of John Williams' material, and it is only growing stronger.

I myself have enjoyed and loved the cues so much that I have attempted to make myself a version of the score from the DVD release's soundtrack, which involved removing the dialogue/sound effects through a very long, drawn- out process.. which ultimately didn't work. Please understand, I tell you this only because I had no intention of profiting from the creation financially;I only wished to listen to the music independently.

The title I am suggesting is Dave Grusin's phenomenal and hauntingly- beautiful score to The Goonies. Every day, on- line sellers make over fifty, (sometimes a hundred dollars) per copy from music that is not even legitimately licensed by Grusin, or any one else involved.Right now, Ebay features a 2- disc (obviously bootleg) "score" claiming to feature every cue from the film, plus a host of alternate "sessions". The minimal a bidder will pay is $49.99, as this is the reserve bid price.Already, consumers are bidding. Numerous warnings across the internet, most notably Amazon.com, explain the content being sold, and advise others to beware.I know that with some releases,the music has been taken from a German 2- disc release entitled The Best Of Adventure, which featured an 18- minute suite of Grusin's music, arranged by composer William Motzing. The content has been split into separate cues, and has since been sold as the score.I know this because I've researched the topic thoroughly, after I was tricked several years ago before I was aware that the music was never legitimately released.

My point to all of this is, a legitimate release could please so many eager fans of the music,while making a profit for the deserving party who was actually responsible for the magic of Grusin's original compositions. While Warner Bros owned the rights to the film's score at one time, I was since informed that Geffen Records may have acquired the rights, which, as I understand, is affiliated with your company.This might make licensing a bit easier, if this is true.

Please consider following the excellent trend you have begun with releasing highly- coveted scores to quality films, as you have done with Bernstein's Ghostbusters, and Grusin's Lucas. For many fans like myself, The Goonies represents a nostalgic childhood dream, driven by the touching music score. For others, it remains a glaringly- obvious missing addition to their film score collection.Please consider giving The Goonies the star treatment with a full release with any possible extras, (deleted scene cues, etc).

Lastly, I realize the high volume of messages you receive daily, but I would greatly appreciate even a small reply, to confim that someone received the email. I am very passionate about seeing that Grusin's finest work, (in my opinion) gets a fitting release, and would like to know if it is being considered.

Thank you so much , I appreciate your taking the time to listen to my request.

Sincerely, Chris Curts

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